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Welcome Curtis Salgado to Fat Bottom Harp Mics.


NEW:  Just announced, Australia's premier harp player and also a Fat Bottom endorser "Ian Collard", will be using
his Fat Bottom Mic on his newest CD "Juke Joint Boogie"


Sending out a big thank you to
Rod Piazza  for his acknowledgment of my harp mic work used on his new CD
"Soul Monster"  Get your copy quickly at

"Chuck Gurney has a handle on harp mics at this time.  If you want it right, get one tonight.  In the future he is
going to be one of the guiding lights.  Looking forward to working with him in the future for bigger and better things.
Your friend always, Rod Piazza"

Rod Piazza's Custom Color Gold JT-30 used on his latest CD "Soul Monster"

Hold your cursor over each picture to see another angle or feature Rod's mic

Also sending out another big thank you to my good friend Mark Overman for helping to collaborate the project for
Rod. Mark was a huge part of the project's success.


Also welcome Rick Estrin from The Night Cats  on board, along with Mark Hummel, Sugar Ray Norcia,
Egidio Ingala and Mingo Balaguer
 as recent Fat Bottom Mic endorsers. Read all about them on the "Pro
Endorsers" page

All of these guys were great to deal with as endorsers for my Harp Mic products and services. Thay have been a great
testament to the quality of work I continuously strive for here at
Fat Bottom Mic's.

Read about the  ORIGINAL
Big Walter Horton mic modification completed for Sugar Ray Norcia.  It was a real pleasure
to work on this mic to say the least. Ray was there 30 years ago and recorded with Big Walter Horton on the newly
released CD, "Bocce Boogie" under the TopCat Records label.


Here at Fat Bottom Harp Mic's  you can expect to find some of the finest quality custom made
harmonica microphones available. I keep a strict attention to detail along with using only the finest parts available to
achieve the highest standards for my builds. From super hot elements, to the hottest looking custom paint work, I can
make your next harp mic dream a reality. I am constantly striving to improve my builds with research in tone, higher
quality parts, fatter sounding elements, and now
Fat Bottom Harp Cables.

What you WILL NOT find here at Fat Bottom Mic's are short cuts taken to save money, shoddy installations, weak
elements, or poor quality parts. It all adds up in the end my friends. Here at Fat Bottom Harp Mic's you can also expect
to find the finest vintage harp tone reminiscent of some of the greatest players of all time.

I build to your specifications. If you need a price for a harp mic build, please use the "Harp Mic Quotes" tab to the left
and fill out the convenient form provided to help speed up the process for getting the mic you desire.

There is so much more to building a good harp mic than soldering a element in your favorite shell, it is the culmination
of the entire build and the attention to every known detail along the way.

If you don't purchase a mic from me, ask as many questions as possible before purchasing. It will pay to shop around
for quality and not just low prices and pretty paint jobs. As you have heard many times throughout your life, "you get
what you pay for"  and that statements holds true for anything you purchase. Compare my specs below, check out the
endorsers, read the generous comments made by past customers, take a look at the Past Mic Builds tab to your left,
and finally, shop wisely.

Below are just some of the details I include in my builds to assure the highest quality builds possible.


While you are here, please check out the "Past Mic Builds" tab to your left. If you hold your cursor over each harp mic
picture, it will change to another angle or feature of the mic. 92 builds in all, most have a second picture. Please be
patient, there are a lot of pics to load.

If you see a microphone you like and have questions about a build, please don't hesitate to ask. I will let you know if I
have what you need.


You can order cables and parts from the "Cables & Parts" tab to your left. If you need information about element
sales, CR repair services, or Custom Harp Mics, please contact me using the "Harp Mic Quotes" tab to the left and fill
out the convenient form. I will try to get back to you asap.
If the form is not available for some reason, please contact me direct at:

Thank you for taking the time to look around.
Chuck Gurney
Fat Bottom Harp Mics
Controlled Reluctance Sales, Repair and Service
Custom Made Harmonica Microphones
Fat Bottom Mics
Fat Bottom Mics CR repair
  • Silver solder used on all connections
  • High quality color coded shrink wrap on all solder joints (NO tape).
  • By request, I will install Teflon coated silver tinned copper wiring (extra).
  • Double shrink wrap on the rear wires coming from the fitting (the most important connection).
  • Main ground wire soldered directly to the fitting to eliminate drilling the shell and to maintain a lower noise ratio.
  • Liquid glue poured in the rear of the mic to lock the wires to the shell and the fitting for longer life and insulating properties.
  • Military grade sealed volume controls with liquid thread lock (matched to shell and element combination).
  • Full, gradual volume use (NOT 0-100 in a 1/4 turn)
  • Solid billet aluminum volume control knobs (NO plastic).
  • Custom or factory gaskets installed (NO foam or other inferior materials used).
  • Accurately drilled/tapped screw-on fitting installations with stainless steel set screws. (NO Glue)
  • I install elements that have been meticulously inspected by me and me only for any potential problems ahead of time.
  • Feedback thresholds minimized before the mic leaves my shop.
  • Fresh, 18 awg silver tinned leads, looped and soldered to every element.
  • Each mic receives a fresh grill silk glued with a water proof adhesive
  • High quality custom paint and artwork available.
  • If paint is required, I use only high grade automotive paint and urethane clear (NO spray cans).
  • Silver or gold leaf monogrammed mics available.
  • Custom brushed finish with clear coat. (color tinting available).
  • Buffed, polished and clear coated Zink or aluminum shells.
  • Custom artwork upon request.
  • Final tweaking and overall inspection, along with lengthy break in times to assure all problems are addressed before the microphone leaves.
  • Some machine and lathe work available.
  • Chroming and powder coating coming soon.
Rick Estrin
Fat Bottom Endorsers
Rick Estrin
Sugar Ray Norcia
Sugar Ray Norcia
Dave Barrett
Dave Barrett
Westside Andy
West Side Andy
Sonny Jr.
Sonny Jr.
Pete Sheridan
Pete Sheridan
Curtis Salgado
Curtis Salgado
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson
Mark Hummel
Mark Hummel
Rod Piazza Harp Mic
Rod Piazza Soul Monster CD
"Hi Chuck, this is easily the best mic I've tried, great full bottom end and strong mids that cut through with plenty
of output overall. It looks great too, a pleasure doing business with you, Much thanks
Turner chop harp mic
Gary Smith
Turner Chop, Gold
Hammertone, CR, Rear VC
Click picture to see another angle of Ian's mic.
Ian Collard
Ian Collard
Mingo Balaguer
Egidio Ingala
Mingo Balaguer
Egidio Ingala
Ian Collard
Ian Collard
Shure 707a
paint with gold metallic.
Andy Just
"Preachin The Blues" CD
cover Fat Bottom Mic pictured
Curtis Salgado
Curtis Salgado is quite possibly the man who single handily was responsible for the creation of the Blues Brother's
Read about the
Curtis Salgado & John Belushi Connection "here". You might call him "The Real Blues Brother"

Chuck has landed me the very mic I was looking for that I thought I would never find. He surprised me with the
hottest Astatic T-3 and Brush crystal combination. He was quick, reliable, very professional and knows what he's
talking about. When I have a mic related problem, or need a mic, Chuck is the guy for me.
His products simply ROCK!
Thanks Chuck for the great mic.
Curtis Salgado
Curtis Salgado
Curtis & John Belushi
Sat down and had dinner with Kim Wilson before one of his shows. Our fascinating discussion ranged anywhere
from the old days of the Fabulous Thunderbirds to Stevie Ray Vaughan and everything in between. As usual, Kim
smoked the house that night along with a blistering performance from the entire band. Before the show Kim made a
statement about all the Fat Bottom Mics he has owned. Kim continues to be a great ambassador for Fat Bottom Mics.

"My buddy Chuck is really on the right track with his work. You can expect great, new and fortunate things coming
from him in the future. I already own several of Chuck's great mics and use them often.
Your friend, Kim Wilson"

Kim has been the front man for
The Fabulous Thunderbirds band for over 30 years with hits like "Wrap It Up" and "Tuff Enuff". Kim is pictured above
with his Fat Bottom Astatic JT-31 mic and Chrome Ronette mic. If you ever heard anything about Kim's personality
being so nice, it is certainly all true. As always, he was great to deal with.
Thanks Kim.
Les Stroud
Les Stroud
Welcome Les Stroud  to Fat Bottom Mics from the hit TV survival shows "Survivorman" and
"Beyond Survival" more to come....
Les Stroud with Alice Cooper
Les Stroud, "Survivorman"
Andy Just
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson's JT-31 mic.
Kim Wilson's Ronette mic.
Kim Wilson video playing his Fat Bottom JT-31
Welcome  Huey Lewis  as one of Fat Bottom's newest endorsers from the phenomenal
Huey Lewis and The News Band.
Huey Lewis orders his third Fat Bottom Mic!

I recently spoke with Huey about the satisfaction of his Fat Bottom mics and he states that he is now
touring exclusively with his 2 Fat Bottom Mics. Huey has now placed his order for a
3rd mic, a Red
Candy JT-30 Fat Bottom Mic.
Thanks again Huey for your continued support!
Sat down with Huey before one of his sold out shows and presented him with his first Fat Bottom Harp
Mic. Below is a short video of him testing out the mic. Huey went on to use the mic for the entire
performance. He put on a phenomenal show with one of the tightest bands I have ever heard, not to
mention what a terrific guy he was to deal with!
Thanks Huey for all the great support.
NEW: Mark Hummel  released his newest CD
"Back Porch Music" on February 15th using his Fat Bottom Harp Mic on selected songs.  
Many thanks going out to Mark for acknowledging my work on previous CDs as well.
Get your copy now!!!!

Hi Chuck, I have just finished up a tour in Europe and wanted to drop you a line about the mic you made for me.
Your mic is nothing other than fantastic!! YOU ARE THE MAN!! When you play overseas most of the time your NOT
going to get the amp that you desire so I have to make do. Your mic has made it so that even if the amp is less than
good I STILL get the great tone I need with plenty of output. For any harp players who want that big fat dirty
sound, there is only one way to go, Fat Bottom Mics. Chuck is the technician that will find that sound you are
looking for. Chuck thank you so much for a Superior mic and what a beauty! Your mic is now on the cover of my
new CD that I recorded here in Europe.
Your friend-Andy Just

A big thank you going out to my good friend
Mark Overman. Mark was the catalyst for the introduction and for the
mic build for Andy Just. Thank you once again Mark

Welcome Gary Smith  as one of Fat Bottom's new endorsers. California Tone King!

"The unique Biscuit mic that Chuck built for me is great looking, easy to cup, intriguing to fiddle with while your
playing, and the thing can holler like a mountain jack!!!!! So far I've used it in several contexts from a 15 watt-10
inch fender to my double barrel "tweedzilla" hooking together my Sonny Jr. Cruncher, and my Bassman with a
reverb tank between them. The mic is amazing in that it responds to every nuance of hand pressure,wind power,
and just the right amount of snarl. The volume control is in the perfect position for subtle changes. My advice to
the curious, dial up Chuck's photo gallery, you'll feel like Little Walter on Christmas morning. are an
artist working in the medium of the sound of the soul.
Thank you  so much G.S."

Special thanks going out to Mark Overman for the introduction.
Gary Smith Astatic Biscuit Mic
Custom, one off, rear VC,
CR, Chrome Biscuit
Gary Smith
Gary Smith
Huey Lewis
Huey Lewis' three Fat Bottom Mics.
Click picture to enlarge.
Huey Lewis
Huey Lewis video trying out his new Fat Bottom Harp Mic
"Chuck Gurney's work is the best I,ve encountered.
I would not hesitate to have him do anything I need in a microphone.
Your Friend, Rod Piazza."

Thank you going out to Mark Overman
Rod Piazza's second CD using his second Fat Bottom Harp Mic.
Blue T-3 Microphone pictured on Rod's newest CD cover
"Almighty Dollar"
Fat Bottom Mics specialize in custom blues harp mics tailored to your specifications. If you need a quote for a harp mic
build please use the "Harp Mic Quote" tab and fill out the convenient "Build A Harp Mic" form. The form will help speed
up the process for getting the mic you desire.
If you have a mic that is in need of a repair please use the e-mail address on the "Contact Us" page.
Welcome Randy Chortkoff  from Delta Groove Records  to Fat Bottom Mics.  
(Rod Piazza's recording choice) Randy is also the harp player for the "Mannish Boys"     
Generations of great talent in this band so be sure to check them out.
(Click Blue letters to link to Randy's websites)
NEW    --------------->
Huey Lewis
UT48 Harp Mic
Randy Chortkoff
Welcome Ron Sorin as one of Fat Bottom's newest endorsers.
After my favorite Astatic petered out, I contacted Chuck at Fatbottom mics. I told Chuck what sound I was looking
for in a mic and he sent me out one of his CR elements. The element arrived within a week and I was up and
running for the next gig. The CR sounds great! Nice controlled tone with strong punch and crunch when you dig in.
Fat tone and great service!
Thanks Chuck,
Ron Sorin
Ron Sorin
Straight from my home town and one of Chicago's premier
harp players, Ron Sorin has been hittin the harp scene and
backing up the biggest names in the business for decades.
Check out this guys style, we all can learn something from
Ron's unique phrasing and solid runs. Get your copy of Ron's
latest album
"Lake City" at
Lake City
Hold cursor over picture so see another angle of mic.
2011 Blues Awards performance.
See NEW endorsers below!
NEW ---------->
<----NEW pictures, 92 in all.
Notice: I will be taking a temporary leave and will return to
building harp mics as soon as you see this notice removed. My
apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you,
Chuck Gurney